i’m starting to get used to this…


  1. I order drink
  2. I pay for drink
  3. you provide drink

Somehow that step #3 keeps getting screwed up. So I got an upsized drink and a free drink coupon. How silly of me to order the advertised special off the menu.

The manager came out after he saw 5 drinks sitting unclaimed on the counter and starting calling out to customers. 2 claimed, 3 left unclaimed, he asked me what I ordered (the green tea frappucino). I told him that I heard the woman call it out clear as day (they could have heard her in Tysons Corner) but it never got into queue as later ordered frapps came up before mine. He leaned over and put the order in, then whipped out a wallet with a stack of free beverage coupons and tried to subtly get one out and hand it to me.

I thanked him and said I would put it with the other 2 I have at home. He thought I was kidding, so I told him exactly what’s happened the last few times I was in the store. Says he, “not to make excuses or anything, but we’re the busiest store and get over ### customers every hour so something’s likely to be taken by another customer and some things don’t get made.” I told him that I hoped he had a lot of those free drink coupons to hand out.

My co-worker said “Hey, I want one of those!” I calmly, clearly (and loudly) said, “You don’t get one, they have to screw up your order for that.”

Yes, it was petty, but we had our quick Starbucks run turn into nearly 20 mins of a wait because they somehow didn’t hear the screamed in order from the register about 3 feet away.

And at this rate, I may never pay for a Starbucks drink ever again!

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  1. Jason says:

    I assume this is the Starbucks up the street and past the Mall, near Penn Quarter (such a stuffy name)? I can’t believe you guys made the trek in that heat. It was so steamy yesterday. I rode the bike up today and even at 80 mph, I was still fighting to stay cool. I remember when I use to go there with you guys and we’d always wait for drinks. Ahh, the good ol’ days.

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