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Something was totally nagging me during Al’s visit.. I couldn’t place my finger on what it was, but because of what it was I was completely avoiding it. The thought was “I have to go shopping…” – but I couldn’t exactly remember what for or why (like I usually need a reason).

This morning while showering, it descended upon me like a cartoon ton. Birthday present. Tod. Tonight. GAH! So I shall take the route of cowards and procrastinators… and buy him a gift certificate. I do have access to his wish list, but wish lists are funny things. Most friends look upon them and say, “Great, now let me go to the local brick & mortar store and pick that up!” And amazon gives no way of indicating that someone’s bought the item if you didn’t do it through them. Still I’m certain that once his self-imposed no-spendy is over, he’ll be able to use the GC.

And now, to deflect my shame are two very cute movies from Ze Frank

History” & “Use

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