look at my fanny, look at my fanny

NyQuil can give you some very strange dreams. And my subconscious is really enjoying the “house party” theme, it seems. Last night it was a big party for my birthday with a bunch of people I knew and even more that I didn’t know just coming along as the evening progressed. At some point I passed out from too much drinking and came to with everyone giggling as I walked around. I eventually made it to a bathroom, looked in the mirror and I’d been made up, nails painted and a lock of my hair dyed.. all in a hideous fluorescent pink.

Like I said, strange, but I did have a peaceful night’s sleep and woke up feeling a little better. I can’t seem to get the right air conditioning temperature in my place, mainly because I don’t have a thermostat as much as I have a dial with “warmer” and “colder” on it. Where warmer actually refers to high and colder, low depending on what the building’s turned to, cooling or heating, so it isn’t exactly precise.

This morning on the metro I noticed something that I guess I’ve seen before, but since I usually stand on my morning ride, I don’t see it as often. I’ve seen people claim poles by wrapping themselves around them, but today there were a staggering number of people who claimed the pole by backing into it, butt first and leaning their backs against it. All their balance seemed to come from having their cheeks firmly wrapped around the pole. And all clothing layers aside, people aren’t going to be eager to try and grab a section of that pole after seeing the human standing equivalent of dog scooting across the carpet. Then again, I’m still a little sick (read: irritable), I have my bowling stuff with me and a change of clothes for tonight, I might go and not bowl if I’m feeling out of it, it would beat sitting at home on my own.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    You’re pretty in pink.

    Didn’t you get the memo? it’s ass-claiming-pole day.

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