Final, Actual, Serious, No-Bluffing…

You Can’t Make It Up: The Final, Actual, Serious, No-Bluffing Death of Friendster

The point is: Friendster is now officially dead. The one thing it was good for, creepy, faceless fact-finding, is now gone.

Too true. I keep getting e-mails from Friendster about how much they miss me, etc. And I’m getting a little tired of it, the whole social networking site thing has really gone down the tubes. I can’t honestly say that I’ve made any new friendships from friends of friends, or random friendster/myspace searches. This stuff had a much better lifespan when the internet was new and fresh and this stuff was considered “cool.” Now it’s just novel, the kind of thing that still attracts people who think AOL is the coolest new thing on the internet.

And I think its cool when a dating/personals site lets you see who browsed your profile, since they might just be putting down breadcrumbs in a shy sort of I checked you out kinda way, but it’s time to get most of the social networking sites into a cage match, winner takes all, then drop a nuke on the arena, mid-bout.

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