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NCsoft Unveils Single Subscription Rate for City of Villains and City of Heroes Players

“Both games can be played on their own and will provide satisfying and exciting online adventures,” said Jack Emmert, creative director for Cryptic Studios, “By keeping the cost to $14.99 for subscribers to both games, we are encouraging players to use all of the functionality we built into the games. We created a heroes game and a villains game and we figured it is a lot more fun to have good guys and bad guys tangle without charging double for the opportunity to do so.”

Well my next man had better be a gamer geek as well, or very very understanding. Perhaps I’ll just bribe him with chocolate chip cookies to keep him quiet. Now if only they continue to add actual content to City of Heroes as well.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I was lured here by your WWJB pic…great!

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