you say Columbus, I say Native American

I had a good day yesterday, it was nice to be off work (I’m not rubbing it in, !) and there weren’t a lot of touristas all over the place. I met Josh at the Air and Space Museum to see Magnificent Desolation in 3D at the IMAX theater. I really need to check out more of these, it was great fun even if it was yet again another film narrated by Tom Hanks. I also want to check The Stars Tonight lectures at the planetarium, since they’re free and close to my office.

After a stroll around the museum and the film we checked out the Solar Decathlon on The Mall, a lot of the houses looked a little way out as far as design goes, but you couldn’t deny their energy efficiency, there was one really nice one that would make a perfect beach house. I’m sure they were being put through their paces as the weekend was pretty nasty and it wasn’t raining that day, but there wasn’t a lot of direct sunlight to provide energy as a display with PV cells connected to a fountain showed.

We rode the Circulator over to Chinatown and had lunch at Fuddruckers where Josh had to wait a record 35 mins for his food! (mine only took a short 20 mins to arrive) They somehow lost his order, but made up for it by giving him a mountain of fries. I can’t wait to hear back the results of that e-mail. I headed home stuffed and slipping into food coma and got a short nap in at home before Jenifer came to get me so I could do a little shopping at Target and use those gift cards.

I picked up a new iron, some bathroom cleaner and a sudoku puzzle book, hardly exciting I know, but it’s my birthday and I needed an iron! I ran into Best Buy and picked up a Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote (sadly , this one doesn’t control the universe either). It’s a pretty amazing remote, nice LCD, rechargeable and tied to a website where you record the make and model of your devices, tell it how you watch tv, dvds, listen to music, etc and it then downloads the proper remote codes and transfers them to the remote via USB cable. Utterly über-geeky, but considering I have TiVo, Cable Box, TV, Tuner, DVD player and a VCR/DVD combo – it is nice to have a remote that I press a button labeled “Watch TiVo” and it switches the tv on, the tuner on (both to the right settings) and I’m good to go. I press “Watch a DVD” and it sets everything up, it even turns off the devices not in use. I haven’t A-Type tweaked it yet, letting it do it’s preset things so I can decide whether I’ll keep it past the 30 day mark.

Also had an ok night bowling, I bowled a 182 my 3rd game, but we still lost 2 out of 3 games, my average will go up a point or two though. I doubt it will rise enough to be considered for most improved, but it would be nice to hit 145-150 by the season’s end. I’m having fun bowling, but I’m not having much fun in that league. It’s not as social as previous leagues, or maybe just being the new kids, we don’t know enough people, and there are smokers – a lot of them. And I don’t enjoy coming home from bowling smelling like I’ve been to the club.

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