off with their balls!

red balls, truck hitch attachmentThat is the punishment I would like enacted upon those that believe they will actually profit from putting adware onto my machine that occasionally pops up windows with ad revenue links. Since naturally I would appreciate this service and be sure to click on as many of those as possible!

I was late into the office today as I waited for the results of a Spy Sweeper scan which revealed a rootkit on my machine, and I don’t even recall putting a Sony audio cd in there anytime recently. Seriously though, I’m kinda laid back about it even though I should probably be freaking out. The program seems savvy enough to realize what needs to be removed and then reboot the machine, removing the nasty files BEFORE they get loaded into memory. I’m also a little amazed at rootkits. In a DOS window I can see the directory just fine, but in a Windows Explorer window, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. That’s kinda groovy even if it is carrying ad and spy ware.

But all fascination aside, I use the PC mostly to play games, keep up with TV shows and occasionally watch movies. All the surfing, e-mail and chat is done on the mac, sometimes I use the PC for webcam chat, but almost no one I know does video chats. The only reason I’ve been seeing the pop-ups is that Microsoft Money acts as a web browser, which triggers the adware — annoying.

But the few hours I spent last night scanning my machine gave me more time to clean up, watch tv and TiVo and chat with people.

I will be in Philadelphia this weekend. Up there to hang with MiKe and Chris, I think there’s only 3 people in that area watching my journal, but if there are others feel free to drop me a line to catch up with us in the city. There are times I really miss Philly, and I’m sure it hasn’t changed, but I have and probably wouldn’t look at it the same way. I guess I miss the experiences I had there, and the fact that it feels like a real city. Still, returning there a weekend at a time seems to be working ok for me. 🙂

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