they got me again

They got me again!Someone at the Express really likes my blog, I guess. Or I just say the right things at the right time! Figures, Tom Vander Wal ends up in the NYT, I get in the Post’s free daily.

My rants about the alley and the changing Chinatown aside, I am looking forward to seeing Lucky Strike tonight, I just don’t expect to be all that impressed. It will also be fun to be in a slightly different social setting. I’ve heard that the Zipcar folks throw a good party, so it should be a good time. I really should make better use of that membership next year, it’s just hard to gauge when you’ll need the car for an exact amount of time without rushing, since the late charges are pretty insane. It was cheaper to rent a car for a 3-day weekend than it would have been to get a Zipcar for one day.

I made my travel plans to see the family over the holidays, unfortunately no one’s sent me their xmas lists yet, so I don’t know what to get gift-wise for everyone, but I’m certain I’ll figure something out. My brother’s birthday is on the 22nd so I need to pick up a card for him, too. I need to load up the laptop with some games for the trip. I’m figuring Civilization IV and World Class Poker with T.J. Cloutier should pass the time, though generally I don’t need to pull the machine out while I’m at home unless the parents are working, and it helps in the airport. As far as I know, Dulles doesn’t have free wireless access and I’m not paying for the $* network. 🙂

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