small blessings

Cue the naughty t-shirt My bowling game was craptacular tonight, but at least people complimented me on my shirt.

It was the potluck night so we grabbed some chicken from across the street for our offering, but not a lot of people brought many things in, which is good in that things cleared out fairly quickly, but I’m used to the food lasting all evening long.

Tomorrow night will be baking for the office potluck on Weds, I’ve promised to bring brownies and a cheesecake. Two very easy things to make. I was about to sign up for cookies, but that’s a pretty high maintenance treat, what with the rolling and the changing of cookie sheets and the cooling, etc. One bowl, one pan baked sweets are definitely the way to go.

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  1. Jenifer says:

    I almost was unprepared for the actual act of walking into a bowling alley and playing.

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