morning overload

Yes, it is my own fault that I did Happy Hour with friends last night (thanks to Josh, Jhim, Rob, Jenifer, Orion and Jaikob for coming out) so I am a little wobbly this morning. But this is now the second time the head of the group that the web team is now a part of at the office (who we never see… ever) has asked me to provide him with information or a report that I’ve never done before on very short notice. And to add insult to injury, he constantly checks up on me, because you know taking time out to answer the phone and tell him that I’m not done yet really helps me finish working on it… really. A quick check around the office shows that I’m not the only one irritated by the man.

Greater Internet F***wad Theory Other than that, I got e-mail from Amazon that they canceled my order for the Calphalon pans due to being out of stock. Now, I did suspect this might happen, considering that the news hit quite a few deal websites. But even moreso the first responders to those postings were writing things in the forums like “I’m buying 6! I’m buying 10! w00t!!” – and now the same people are screaming “bait and switch! how dare they cancel the order!?” This thread on SlickDeals reads like a rollercoaster of emotion as people ordered a lot, and then crashed hard when they found out it was out of stock.

The most frustrating thing isn’t that I’m not getting two new pans, though I was hopeful, it’s that people don’t seem to understand the point of a deal or a bargain like this. If it was a price mistake, the merchant is going to catch it and correct it, if it was the real price of course the pans are going to run out, especially if you know people have been buying them in friggin’ bulk. And I do so hate needless whining, “OMG I’m going to have to pay full price for a pan that I maybe didn’t really need in the first place and didn’t think to even want until someone told me it was cheap! *wah*”

But what really gets to me is that instead of rating Macy’s poorly on the transaction, people are rating the Calphalon pan 1-star instead and hoping that people read their review to see that they’re REALLY rating Macy’s poorly for a transaction that no one can even see. It’s akin to people rating a game that hasn’t been released yet with 5 stars saying, “This is gonna be so cool when it finally comes out!” John Gabriel’s Greater Internet F***wad Theory is alive and well, kids.

Man I could use a nap. 😉

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