Hm, yep, feet still hurt


So instead of lots of content, I’ll just post a picture from Saturday. Many of my shots from that day turned out really well, but I still feel like I need a refresher course on photography and digital photography.

We actually had nice weather yesterday, even though it looked like it would be rainy all day. Ty and I headed out in search of brunch and had a very nice one at Tonic of all places, they tripped up our order a little bit, but when all was said and done, I was stuffed. After that we walked over to the zoo, I live just up the street from the Rock Creek Parkway entrance, and then we walked ALL over the zoo. I can’t recall the last trip to the zoo where I’ve seen 95% of everything. It was great exercise and my poor feet were feeling it last night and this morning. The pandas weren’t in unfortunately, but aside from that everything else was great. I hadn’t been in the Bird House before, and those are some lovely creatures. We got up close to a peacock in one of the outdoor areas and he was showing no fear whatsoever of us.

After traversing from one end of the zoo to the other, we headed over to Cleveland Park for some ice cream at Coldstone and then walked back home. I’m not even sure I knew I was capable of that amount of walking, but I knew that I couldn’t sit down for long once we got back home, so I only sorta hovered on the edge of the couch before we went back out to catch the tail end of Happy Hour at Halo. It’s great to see the sights with visitors, but it’s more fun to take them someplace they haven’t ever been, since hell most everyone’s seen the usual stuff. Plus, y’know.. eye candy! We made a new friend Dan and had our fill of powerful drinks and poured ourselves into a cab back home.

I still feel like I could use a few more hours sleep and it’ll be ages until I get home tonight, but it was a great weekend and I should have guests in town more often.

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