Simon’s response…

Thank you for your email concerning Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. Your opinion is very important to us. Our mall does have a policy against photography. This information along with the other rules and regulations for Fashion Centre at Pentagon City can be found in our Code of Conduct which is posted at every mall entrance. Because our mall is a tourist destination, the enforcement of the No Photography policy can be challenging given the great number of visitors. I assure you that our Mall staff makes every effort to see that all of our mall rules are enforced consistently and equally. Nonetheless, I will share your comments with our Director of Security so he is aware of the recent situation which you observed.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter and hope you will visit us again soon. Thank you.

I’ll be looking for that sign and just how prominent it is. Maybe when I’m over there today, or when hell freezes over, whichever turns out to be more convenient.

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