Pride, take me away!

Off to visit Michael and see what Baltimore Pride has to offer, so may not be back online to update til tomorrow night. Try not to miss me too terribly much. 🙂

In other news, it’s finally happened. Everett and I went to dinner last night in Arlington at a great Italian restaurant, and in comparison to what we’re gonna get this weekend, last night was a great night to eat outside and walk around. After that we’d planned on some clothes shopping and hit Old Navy to very little success and I realized that I should have “gone” before we left the restaurant. So we left Old Navy and are assessing the prospects, Barnes and Noble or Target, and I started to turn towards B&N but then this little thing in my brain clicked and I said, “Oh but I need a few things, let’s go to Target…” I wasn’t even really aware of it happening, but well, there you are.

See, my ex was like this, and I’ve observed this with others, and Everett confirms. When you take DC residents, especially those without cars, into the suburbs and they get near “shopping convenience” — they have to go. It’s an uncontrollable reflex action, they don’t necessarily need anything. Of course they’ll come home with stuff and maybe find ONE thing they actually do need. In my case it was soap and paper towels, and with the megapacks of each, I shouldn’t need them again for a long while. — D’oh, and light bulbs, which I forgot.

Still, I thought I hadn’t quite caught it yet. I’m so weak!

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