Owie! and other gripes

While I am glad to see that I was able to walk over 2.5 miles last night and burn approximately 368 calories, my legs are really letting me have it today. I keep standing up to stretch and they’re all “Feel that sting, muthafugga?” I should write a letter to Metro, why is it when they tally ridership, they only seem to care about those that ride the trains?

My camera’s new name is Jean Grey Gray, last night as we’re headed onto the lawn, I stumbled and dropped it and it refused to focus and within a minute just stopped working altogether. Naturally the one place I’d have been snapping photos like crazy, eh? So I didn’t look at it again until this morning, fiddled with it a bit and now it seems just fine. Was I due for a Murphy’s Law night or something?

MySpace is teh suck, but with Firefox and Greasemonkey, this guide may make it a lot more tolerable.

Right up my alley, New York magazine offers The Urban Etiquette Handbook.

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