a question for the ages

Ok, in Superman II, after Kal-El gives up his powers and spends the night with Lois and they get it on in the Fortress of Solitude… It cuts to General Zod, Ursa and Non making trouble in the world, etc. Then it cuts back to Lois and “Clark” on the road driving toward that diner where he gets his ass kicked.


So, since my suspension of disbelief will only go so far, can anyone tell me… just how the hell they got back to civilzation from the Fortress without superpowers? I mean Lois didn’t even pack much of a bag aside from a dress and something slinky. Is the Fortress like the Batcave and there’s this whole chamber marked, “In case The Last Son does something stupid like stranding himself here without superpowers” with a helicopter and station wagon inside?

I’ll gladly give a No-Prize on this one if someone can come up with a good explanation, ‘cos I just ain’t buying it.

Update: We have a No-Prize winner, , explaining that “North” doesn’t necessarily mean top of the world. It’s still a puzzler to me though.

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