quick pet peeve

This just popped back to the front of my mind while IMing with Serge. People need to stop casually using the word rape when what they often mean is that they were inconvenienced. While I’m sure that none of my friends do this, I hope that they’ll actively discourage others from doing it when they observe it. I’ve mostly seen it used by gamers when they’re talking about how their character got defeated by other players or by the AI, but still it’s so extremely inappropriate and utterly offensive. Non-gaming example here.

I made a post on an LJ board for comic scans with this picture because I thought it was pretty funny. In the course of the comments someone admitted that they could get used to gay muppet sex, but not Fred and Barney. And someone else agreed saying, I’m sorry but there are certain parts of my childhood that I refuse to allow to be raped. Naturally, I deleted the comment and I don’t think anyone’s even noticed but I guess I was in shock that it sat there for a while and no one said anything about it.

Of the many things that rub me the wrong way lately, that’s gotta be in the top three.

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2 Responses

  1. Raine says:

    yeah, I hate that word also. back when I played SWG a friend stated that he was going to ‘rape’ another player in a duel and got perma-banned for it. He came complaining to me about it and I told him that they were right to do it.

    I will report anyone for using that word in that context in that manner. It is highly inappropriate.

  2. Brian says:

    I just don’t understand what’s wrong with people that they use words and either don’t bother or pretend not to understand what they mean.

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