you’ll never stop the terror

Really odd dream last night, I was with a bunch of celebrities heading to an auditorium of some kind. But it was like we all had “lawn” seats because I could see where the rest of the audience (who’d arrived on time) were all seated in rows in front of us. Most of the stars were unrecognizable with the exception of Sharon Stone who was holding a recent copy of Interview magazine where she’d been featured and she was bitching and moaning about the story, the pictures they used. She was grabbing my arm and shoving the magazine in my face and by now I was getting a little freaked out. Thankfully the show started and it appeared to be the absolute worst production of Little Shop of Horrors I’d ever seen. At first I thought it might be karaoke, but there was clearly stage direction and blocking, just no costumes, no set design… not even hair and makeup. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense since the performance venue was packed and the performers were horrible!

About half-way through Suddenly Seymour, I woke up. Weird.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Wow. Thank God I only dream about buildings burning and automobile pileups.

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