The All Ighty Ollar?

So ok, why is it everything that costs money seems to run out at the same time? I had pizza for dinner last night, which I ordered ‘cos I’m out of food in the house, I hop in the car this morning and realize that I’m pretty close to E on the tank gauge, then check my Metro farecard and see it’s down to about $8 and my daily commuting costs are around $6.60. At least I got paid last night. At least I hope I did, I haven’t checked yet.

I’m still dreading the dentist appointment today, I have to get a filling and I’m not looking forward to it. I mean I’ve been ok with the dental planing and scraping, but now I’m gonna hear that drill noise and probably pass out. It’s been YEARS since I’ve gotten one. I have horrible dental anxiety, but even I feel bad about not keeping up with my checkups.

Breakfast time…

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