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4th panel from March 13, 2009 Ctrl-Alt-Del comic reading: The customer is not always right. Most of the time, the customer is a clueless moron. If this sign upsets you, you are this moron.

Now don’t you wish you could hang up a sign like this in your office? Ethan, the lead character in Ctrl-Alt-Del recently acquired a games store after having been an employee at its previous incarnation. Needless to say his views on customer service are pretty black & white. I think everyone that’s ever submitted to Not Always Right could use the above plaque.

It reminds me of my favorite Despair Demotivator: Apathy, which just barely beat out Burnout. Though on some days around here, they switch places. I wonder what would happen if I bought the prints and hung them up in my workspace.

To all my fellow office workers out there, TGIF and don’t let the man touch your red stapler! :mrgreen:

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3 Responses

  1. BitterCupOJoe says:

    Burnout was my desktop wallpaper for the last six months that I worked in tech support. My manager didn’t even bat an eye.

  2. Fredo says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to say something akin to what the sign says when I worked retail in the last two years.


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  3. Lee says:

    HA! Those are great!

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