Careful! You might be eaten by a grue!

12/3/06 21:15It’s barely into my Monday and it’s already been a long day. Running late, interview at 9, meeting at 10 and another at 11. Fun!

Last night we had a power outage, which was kinda cool in a way, but annoying in others. I called up my friend Michael and he nailed it that we really don’t realize how much we depend on electricity. I can deal with the internet going out, or the cable going out, or my computer going down, or the stereo not working… so long as those are separate from each other, but all at once and with no lights aside from candles and flashlight? Oh it sucked. I resorted to the few things with batteries, my iPod and my digital camera, even did a little video blog because it went down just as I was about to log the day’s events:

Yes it’s dull, but we can’t all be ze frank.

Good weekend otherwise, got out and about to Georgetown and took some pictures, did a little shopping and a lot of browsing. Now I just have to find all of my Sun night shows, but at least I got last night’s Iconoclasts with Dave Chappelle and Maya Angelou, I’m looking forward to watching that.

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