it’s official

The first iPhone spam!The first iPhone spam has arrived. I’m not sure how it made it past the junk filters on my ISP, but I’d rather be reminded about this than being asked to choose which is better: Grey’s Anatomy or House. When you’ve got spam about you, it really signifies that you’ve made it. It’s the modern-day equivalent of being spoofed by MAD Magazine, The Tonight Show or Saturday Night Live. The other modern-day equiv is getting spoof vids on YouTube but I’m sure those hit within hours of the original keynote, which I’m thinking of watching or downloading when I get a free moment this evening.

Fun Links: Craig Ferguson talks about how the iPhone spanked Microsoft (1:28 worksafe). And David Pogue puts together an “ultimate” iPhone FAQ on his NYT blog

I’m on a bit of a Jason Mraz kick today, his live album from 2003 and a recently released EP. I’m starting to think EPs only exist now to make the iTunes Store more money.

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