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2/11/07 18:13
2/11/07 19:43
I seem to be allergic to my office today. I was fine when I woke up and got in here, but since arriving this morning I’ve been sneezing so much that my nose and throat are starting to hurt (mmmm, Moroccan Mint green tea). Still I count my blessings that I’ve been relatively illness-free this season — *knock wood* — so I can handle the sneezing and whatnot for now.

The weekend was a good and pretty quiet one, J wasn’t feeling well so I spent it on my own with excursions out for Michael’s dinner and a brunch with Everett. It was good to have a sit down with Everett and we’d been attempting to for a few days (actually it seems a lot longer, but our schedules don’t always mesh). I know that I tend to be a pessimist realist about relationships and all that, but there’s no denying that things change when people fall for each other. I’ve been blessed with friends that generally understand that you can’t vanish into a new relationship at the expense of your friends, but still the dynamics are different. So I really appreciate the times when I can get alone with my friends, not that I don’t like their SOs, but it’s not the same. The BFF dynamic is very different from the BF/GF one, and the two don’t always play well together in certain settings. It’s great when they do, and it’s wonderful to make friends as a couple, but looking at my past I seem to have dated guys that always meet my friends, yet I never meet theirs. It kinda makes me feel like less of a hermit than I might claim to be.

Entering contests does pay off from time to time. In the past I’ve gotten concert tickets, good swag (it does exist) and cds and dvds. I just got Massive Attack – Collected in the mail from a Filter Magazine contest. It’s been a while since I’ve had a real live cd in my hands, it felt strange. And since one of them is a cd/dvd I can’t just rip and toss the set. Well maybe that’s not entirely true, eBay anyone?

It’s been a roasting week, I did a chicken mid-week and last night a beef round eye roast. With some tips from Ev and the library of cookbooks, it turned out fairly well (or should I say medium/medium-rare) so there’s leftovers for a while and a grocery delivery today, I should be good for food for a while. Apparently my timing is perfect as well since we’re supposed to get bad weather tonight. But I’ve lost my faith in the weather panic reports. Plus living in the city, much of it doesn’t affect my ability to get anywhere. During the last big snow, I was stuck in with Joseph. My car was snowed and plowed over, but I had enough change of clothes and eventually we just walked on the snowed over roads to get groceries and whatever we needed. We also got into a snowball fight with other denizens of “Upper Caucasia” as I was known to call the area. However I do not recommend getting snowed in with someone that you’ve only just started dating. It sounds like a fun thing I’m sure, but … not.

And On FedEx vehicle for delivery is not what I want to read when tracking J’s valentine’s gift delivery status. It’s not like DC is huge or anything! It is arriving a day earlier than expected, however, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Still, with the local track record for delivery services, “on vehicle” could really mean anything.

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