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consumer: quite the daily deal!

Unless you were in a bunker yesterday, it’s highly unlikely that you or a friend of yours wasn’t buying the Living Social daily deal and then spreading around the link to your friends via one service or another.


random: sweet tears?

Just curious… to those artificial sweetener users out there: have you ever actually purchased a box, bag, etc. of the sweetener you prefer? Or are your stocks at home, office and in purse solely filled by grabbing–either a few extra...



Well I’m glad someone finally said it. So far I haven’t bought a single thing, though I am thinking of stuff for myself. I might finally break down and grab myself one of those guitar band type game things. I...


Karma queen or geek god?

Move over soccer moms, yuppies and metrosexuals. Karma queens and geek gods are among the new consumers shaping the marketplace, according to people focused on selling you more stuff you didn’t know you needed. It’s a cute little article from...


I just want nicer things!

This is one of my all time favorite lines from AbFab. Edina has lost the speech she was going to give at a PR-PR’s Dinner-of-the-Month Lunch and naturally goes off on a rant when people start ridiculing her. At the...


shopping roundup

Wanted: 3 Lancôme skincare products. Contestants: Hechts, Sephora, and Nordstrom. Contestant #1, Hechts: I went there after work yesterday, maybe about 4:10 or so, found my way to the cosmetics counter and saw a woman on the other side (its...


gender neutrality was just a red herring

This is silly, I know. Amazon was looking at my recent clicks and suggested some things to me, one of them being a board game based on the series Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monsters, which I mentioned yesterday. Now while some giggled...


unintended consequences

Seems you didn’t need that Slim Jim or National Enquirer after all | NetworkWorld.com The law of unintended consequences is taking a chomp out of grocery chain profits as more stores transition from human clerks to self-service checkout technology, thus...