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Kate over at Accidental Hedonist pointed out the following New Yorker article about the sad and sorry state of the Food Network. Bill Buford took it on himself to watch 72 straight hours of the Food Network and wrote on his observations as well as some history of the channel and televised food shows in general. It’s a pretty interesting piece. I usually don’t quite know how to react when the phrase “Oh I love the Food Network!” comes up in a group of non-foodies, torn between smiling like a Stepford cook or going off on a Rollins rant about how it’s all crap and they’re selling food porn and a food lifestyle, not cooking skills. Usually I just smile until someone says, “What about you Brian, I bet you watch that channel all the time!” — then I go off.

And on a slightly kinkier note: Better diet = better sex.

“The plumbing is all connected,” says co-author and New York-based health psychologist Lynn Edlen-Nezin. “Everything you do that insults your heart insults your sexual organs, and everything that’s good for your heart is good for your sexual function.”

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  1. Axalady says:

    Food Network Left-Overs

    I haven’t read the article you mention above, but I’m going to try to find it.

    I don’t understand why the Food Network keeps re-hashing the same stars. (They must like left-overs). Don’t get me wrong, I love Paula, Giada, Bobby, etc. as much as anyone else, but come on already… I’ve already seen them cook, (I think I’ve seen Giada slice an onion 100 times now) know their cooking techniques and thoughts on food, know their wives, husbands, kids, etc. Why do I want to see them on 2 or 3 different shows?

    Come on Food Network. Give us some new stars and a new view on food!!!!

    Also – I see Nigella advertised to start in October. On the commercial announcing this show the set looks exactly like the one used on her show Nigella Bites… this really going to be a new show or another re-hash?

    Also, I loved the 30 second spot they had featuring Giada the other day she was doing a quick-fix pasta dish – using fresh spinach as the main ingredient! Obviously someone isn’t paying attention!

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