With so many government facilities around American and not, DC is a city of flags. They’re at half-staff today from mourning the tragedy that took place in Virginia yesterday. I don’t always follow the news during the day so it was online posts and IMs that alerted me to it, and even then I found it very hard to read the news and look at the pictures and video. I don’t know anyone that was in Blacksburg yesterday, so it wasn’t personal grief that I felt, just that shared grief we all feel over a tragic event. They’ve now caught and identified the gunman and determined his reasons for what he did. I suppose that’s some form of closure but I can’t help but feel for those grieving friends and families and mourn for those people he killed who did nothing but commit invisible transgressions within his own mind.

Everything feels very sad and angry today. In the past I haven’t always had the access to information and news that I have now. I’ve been on vacations, school trips, college visits and seen flags in the area flying at half-staff and even though you don’t know what happened, you know that something tragic has taken place, there’s been a great loss. You can’t go very far in DC without seeing flags, and flying at half-staff they seem somehow sad reminders that everything isn’t ok, the only term for the winds whipping at them is angry. It isn’t always a fitting tribute to those that have died, but today it seems very appropriate.

To anyone closely touched by yesterday’s tragedy, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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  1. Fredo says:

    You know, at the risk of sounding cynical and jaded, flags in D.C. fly at half staff so frequently that I never pay attention to them anymore. I mean really, someone spills milk and the flags are pulled halfway down.

    • Brian says:

      I will admit to having the same feelings sometimes, especially after I go online to find out what happened and see that it’s a regular observance or natural causes of someone 1 million miles away. But today when I walked to lunch, I looked around and it just hit me and I felt so sad. So it’s probably more to do with what happened this time.

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