Opera with a 3-drink minimum

My friend David was featured on NPR! Sort of. He’s the adorable redheaded tenor in the middle.

All Things Considered was doing a story about Opera on Tap and he got a call that morning to replace their tenor who’d dropped out for the night’s performance. He didn’t know it was being covered by NPR. Their site has clips and audio in Real format, but I hate Real format so I converted it on my own last night and popped the quintet performance up on YouTube. The video compression came out a bit blurry but the sound is good.

I’ve heard him sing but never seen him perform and it brought a much needed smile to my face. I have such talented friends! Too bad he lives in New York with no plans to return to the DC area though. Maybe I should get pointers from Kris on pitching woo from afar. For now I’ll just remain a member of his virtual entourage.

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