I found the voice you think you gave to me

I’ll get off both the YouTube and Beyoncé kicks soon, really. But not today. “Listen” was one of the new songs added to the Dreamgirls movie soundtrack, I think both to make the film eligible for another nomination (Best Original Song) and to give the Deena character (and Miss Knowles) a solo song to help balance out Effie’s “And I Am Telling You”. Rumor had it that Whitney Houston had been considered for the Deena Jones role a while ago, but insisted on singing Effie’s song as well, which was clearly a no go, so I guess for diva-appeasement, they came up with a new solo tune so both leads would have equal footing.

It is a powerful ballad, even though it’s very Star Search as is the accompanying video but in the context of the movie it really works. Generally after a break up, there’s going to be some song that makes me realize, “you’re gonna be ok” – I think the last one was Jill Scott’s “Golden”. “Listen” doesn’t really trump all the past songs, but it definitely comes close. Nothing like a little urban power ballad to lift the spirit. Additionally in the context of the movie, Deena sings it after a falling out with Curtis where he tells her that her voice has no personality, except what he gives it. Basically telling her that she’s nothing without him and even with him she’s nothing more than what he makes her out to be. — Uh-huh, I can relate. So to Christopher, Jake, Matthew, Daniel, Peter, and Jason (and anyone else I left out — gods do I get around or what?) I say: You should have listened…

What’s on your Friday playlist?

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