Here’s a little tip…

If you stop asking me “How are things?” in relation to the new office, I’ll stop having to either tell you how much they suck or to put on the most absolute utter fake smile and say in the most cheerful of tones that “They’re horrible.”

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5 Responses

  1. Christopher says:

    Bitter are we? 😛

    • Brian says:

      Uh… yes! The new workspace is really working my last nerves, but I’ve got all these slightly upper management types stopping by to keep asking me how things are and how I like it.

      I can’t help being honest at this point.

  2. Joe harding says:

    I love working from home.

  3. I haven’t had to move here yet, but just when I get it the way I like it, they want me to trade desks with someone, or squeeze another filing cabinet in here or something, and then I can’t find anything for weeks.

    The easiest way to get upper management to stop asking is to start comparing the new work place to bizarre places: a cardboard box / concentration camp / sex dungeon / your boss’ lower intestine. Eventually, they’ll stop asking. And they may even kick in a psychiatric care rider on your next insurance renewal.

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