Julia chews the fat

It’s been a pretty lazy Saturday so far, I went out earlier for a much needed latte and swung past the store to get wine, cream and garlic to make Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic. Delicious, but my belches have been extremely fragrant since lunch.

I played a little bit of Wii Sports, and Chris was right, the golf game is pretty dull, but I’m getting more into tennis and probably hurting my arm in the process, but it’s so much fun and I work up a little bit of a sweat. They need to fit sensors in the remote that measure your heart rate and body fat percentage. 🙂

There wasn’t much on tv and I didn’t think I’d have the attention for a movie, so I defaulted to watching cooking shows on PBS. There’s a good range from America’s Test Kitchen, Jacques, Lidia and of course Julia Child. I was chatting with Travis via IM and I said that I’d sort of stuffed myself, but weekend calories don’t count when the following popped up on screen:

[flv:julia_sissy.flv 320 240]

You tell ’em, Julia!

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