I seriously need some shopping therapy

I clicked on this sale ad, but then quickly forgot what I’d gone there to buy…

fer realz tho, yesterday I headed over to macy*s after work and had the wind completely taken out of my sails. It was a lot better when the downtown DC location was Hechts, there were more items on sale and the prices generally lower. The very same Kenneth Cole Reaction slacks that were always on sale in the $40 range, were now supposedly on sale for about $65-70. Gimme a break! I saw some for sale online, and I’ll probably hit up Old Navy and overstock when I get home later too.

All I was looking for were pants because I need a few new pairs for work and I’m trying to train my brain into losing weight by not buying up a size. I know that I’ve left my thin-as-a-rake 160# days behind me, but the sight of my buddha belly fills me with a bit of distress. I’ve been eating better and getting in 30 or more mins of Wii Sports every evening (I’m starting to enjoy making the computer players sweat in Tennis) so the pounds are shedding, but I’m starting to get those urges to go extreme on the caloric restriction — it’s the demons. I know better than that, but looking at old pictures of myself, I know my body doesn’t have to stay in a shape that I’m not happy with. Chris Pirillo’s 50 Weight Loss Tips are a good encouragement, I just need to move my ass more. Not going dancing all the time really killed my calorie-burning, well that and not doing something else all the time too.

So unless I start becoming a devotee of Ellie Krieger, there may not be too many recipe/food photo posts in the upcoming month or two. I’ve gotta slim down by my birthday, at least. I’m sure 35 may not be a bad age for some, but I am not looking forward to it — I’ll either lose some weight or start knitting a spinster’s shroud. Hell, I’ll fall into a whole new age category for web forms! Plus I’ve got nearly 3 weeks of personal leave sitting around. Not that I have any plans to go anywhere nor am I being asked to go anywhere, but I feel like I should try to go somewhere interesting that isn’t just SC for the holidays.

In other news, “Heroes” was awesome but I think ended with unrealized potential, and Vitamin Water should be classified as a controlled substance.

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7 Responses

  1. Christopher says:

    160# is thin? Damn… I think I may need to eat a few more cheeseburgers at lunch tomorrow to push the needle above 130! LOL πŸ™‚

  2. shindo says:

    With the first ad, it’s easy to get distracted with the window shopping. Can’t blame you for that. It shows that you have a pulse (and a good eye). πŸ™‚

  3. For the record … that other thing only burns about 60 calories an hour πŸ˜‰

    Ignore stick-boy. He is an agent of Satan and must be smoted … smited … smit … you know what I mean.

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