Feeling a bit myself again, listening to Donald Fagen, The Nightfly and sipping peppermint tea. I really need to get more of this ‘cos it wakes me up, gives me that warm sweet feeling I like to have in the morning and is caffeine-free. And in my mind I do know that caffeine contributes to weight gain ‘cos your body’s so busy burning it that it ignores the fat. Maybe I need to start the Atkins diet again, or whichever one is en vogue at the moment. Now switching to Toad the Wet Sprocket, Fear.

Got a 10am meeting today and aside from that not a whole lot else. My days are getting less and less busy, which is bad ‘cos it usually means that a big project is looming on the horizon and it just hasn’t trickled down to me yet. I bought a new camera on, less bulky than my current set up, and opens the door for an additional cam someplace in the apartment. is totally pissing me off now, just got a message from them yesterday, the same form letter tripe I’ve been getting. Not once have I gotten an answer from them that might have been written by a human being. I know it may be illegal to speak out against another company in print, but I don’t give a fuck, if they find this I’ll remove it when they deal with me to my satisfaction. I ordered this furniture at the end of May. They told me it might take 6-8 weeks to arrive and I was fine with that. A Mr. Michael Hartford now mails me:

    We apologize for any inconvenience, but your order has been temporarily delayed.

    Our top priority has always been to provide you the best possible service. Because of the unique care that goes into every item we feature, production can sometimes run behind schedule affecting delivery times.

    The estimated availability from the Manufacturer is now early November.

    [ … ]

    We apologize for the delay and believe your order is well worth the wait. However, if you would like to cancel your order we will refund your entire deposit.

Like it’s no big deal that I’ve been waiting months and I won’t mind sitting on my floor for another month or so. AND they’ll refund my money essentially rendering all the time I’ve been waiting useless. So I’m hoping to go out this weekend, maybe and shop for furniture. I have no money to do it with, but what the hell, right? IKEA had some nice couches, maybe I’ll just go with one of theirs and tell them to cancel the order. So tired, so angry, what to do.. Have some more tea!

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