I’m ready for that drink now

I still haven’t managed the energy to write about the weekend. My manager called me last week to let me know that there would be layoffs announced today. I guess it really didn’t sink in then, but today I realized that this announcement is coming after a 3-day holiday weekend, people are so off-guard. I didn’t know when they would announce it, I was only told that my team wouldn’t be affected and that I should talk to them and let them know what was going on this afternoon.

I think it all hit me when I was coming back from the bathroom and I could hear one of the employees sobbing her eyes out. — I don’t think I’ve had less respect for my company than I have in this past month. And I’m starting to think the feeling is mutual. When I hear an assurance that my team won’t have any layoffs, I just don’t feel that I can believe it anymore.

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3 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    Get. Out.

    Now 😉

  2. vanderwal says:

    Yech! Did the layoff round not long after I started when the contract changed over. Was happy that it did not happen again while I was there.

    Always good to keep options open during times like these.

  3. Christopher says:

    Dude – that’s rough… aren’t they offering Sobbing Sally to apply for a different position within the company? or are you not that large of an organization?

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