Is it the weekend yet?

Ok, brain not really functioning yet, coffee from downstairs is horribly bad and no amount of sugar or splenda seems to be able to counteract the bitter. Yoplait’s Light Thick & Creamy yogurt (100 cals) is fairly decent but I wish they had a lemon flavor so you couldn’t taste the artificial sweetener. I saw the hottest Navy officer on the metro this morning and also think I saw an ex of mine but he was doing the commute-doze so I didn’t say hello. Had a good weekend overall, thanks to Monday, otherwise I’m just not with it yet – that could be due to frozen margaritas and white wine, but I admit nothing. So here are some morning finds from catching up with my feeds.

And a little morning incentive to get it up.. I mean get up.. I mean wake up:

I can’t find it in my archives, but a long while back I had a quote from a woman that said men should have something akin to the Wonderbra to lift, separate and put their best assets forward. I wonder if she’s getting any royalties for that these days. This also reminds me why I’m eating this slightly foul-tasting 100 calorie yogurt… 😥

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6 Responses

  1. Chris!!! says:

    Whoa! Needs to come with a child-safety warning, there!

    Interesting how the cameraman (or women, either way they have great taste) can’t seem to keep the camera focused on one particular area of the model. Which we much appreciate 😉

    I guess we need to have another round of skin shots, hmm?

  2. shindo says:

    I want Bloke #3 (ok, that sounds kind of Cylon).

  3. Christopher says:

    I want Bloke #1 – OMG THOSE ABS!

    I’m so reposting this btw – just an FYI LOL…

    What happened to your daily Twitter posts? I think I am going to turn mine off – it’s posting daily and I feel bad for not writing real posts LOL – maybe I should keep them going to force me to post at least once a day haha

    • Brian says:

      I think I had a beta version of the plug in, so I just upgraded to the final version today. Hopefully they’ll come back. I like having the twitter posts since twitter is sort of like little mini blog entries all throughout the day. 🙂

  1. May 29, 2007

    […] Brian, he who pointed me to the above WiiPlay video, has a clip from an Aussie morning talk show with the creator of Aussiebum (you know, the inventors of Wonder Jock underwear?) … with models so stunning even the […]

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