Enough is enough!

myspace overload!

Christopher said it first, but it bears repeating, this is getting ridiculous! I was barely online for a minute this morning and the onslaught started. I’m still getting pings from gmail that more from myspace is coming in. 😯

It reminds me of the days of AOL when spammers ran rampant over chat rooms and just blitzing accounts with unwanted e-mails, and you were never sure if AOL even cared because the spammers were paying customers too. And even though they said they removed the accounts, in another week or two you’d get more e-mails. Myspace does indeed suck, but it has helped me get in touch with old friends from high school (resulting in my finding so many people from my graduating class that are now totally out of the closet) and other places, but surely it can’t be hard to hire a room full of geeks to remove the spam profiles. Just give them all the Bawls and access to porn sites they want, and they might do it for free.

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2 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    There are so many problems with MySpace.

    There’s the part where Joe Biden and Mitt Romney keep popping up in their “Cool New People” feature on the login page (obviously this is some alternate definition of ‘cool’ of which I was previously unaware).

    There’s the flood of spam … at least now it’s equal opportunity spam, wherein they’re using guys (butt ugly guys, but at least they’re guys) in addition to the bikini-clad size -2 models in the spam profiles.

    I hate the profiles that play music automatically. How am I supposed to goof off at work? Hello?!

    Then there’s the part where people that I never wanted to talk to again keep trying to add me as their friends. No means no, people!!

    (I guess that last one isn’t really MySpace’s fault, but I was on a roll).

  2. Ben says:

    Precisely the reason I deleted my MySpace after about a month. The amount of crap flying into my inbox was unbearable.

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