I’m stuffed!

6/3/07 10:35 - Brunch*ugh… I overindulged on the red meat this weekend, picking up two thin ribeye steaks from the store one for dinner last night and one for brunch this morning. Marinated them in garlic and thyme and had last night’s with spinach and tater tots, and this mornings with eggs scrambled with spinach. I’m all about stretching those leftovers! It’ll be the last red meat I enjoy for a while because I feel like I’ve been relying on red meat for too much ease lately. So until my birthday, I’m going to go white meat, seafood and veggies. By no means does that mean it’ll be healthy, just different. And most importantly this means I can justify celebrating at Fogo de Chao in September. 😀

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  1. George says:

    Can’t wait to try out a Fogo de Chao. Maybe next month for my birthday …

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