Pride 2007: Morning Report

*blink-blink… yawn!*

Oh yeah, it’s DC Pride weekend, how about that? Maybe I’m tired of wagging the dog, but I already feel pretty proud of myself, my accomplishments, my acceptance by (most of) my family and all that. So I think I finally see it just like most others have for years — one big party.

I’m up at the buttcrack of dawn doing laundry and tidying up and maybe making a much needed Starbucks run after I drop this next load of clothes into the machines. I don’t really have any plans for today and haven’t heard much from others on their plans aside from Michael and his friends watching the parade later. My original plan was to watch the parade and head back home, or out for a drink if I caught up with people, but after a little sweet talk from Justin, it looks like I’ll be walking in the parade. Hm, the Capital Pride site is all in flash, so I can’t link to specific information… such a no-no.

I most likely won’t make it down to the festival tomorrow as I’ll be meeting Brian for brunch. I only just realized that this guy Tom Goss, will be performing on the festival stage tomorrow. My co-worker Brenda and I first saw him months ago performing at Potbelly’s, and then he found me on myspace through my other music likes. He’s such a cutie, and in reading a recent interview of him, looks like my ‘dar was working that day after all.

Ok… more laundry and coffee time!

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