The incredible, edible … jello shot?

I do not like jell-o shots, I do not like them Sam I Am, but these are pretty impressive and make me wonder why I don’t look for bars around here doing similar stuff with molecular gastronomy and the like.

My primary experience with jell-o shots (or jelly shots as the article calls them, copyright y’know) is from college parties, fundraising bar nights and final night bowling parties. I don’t mind them so much on the bowling nights since sometimes I do tend to bowl a lot better when I’m tanked and the alleys we frequent don’t serve liquor, but generally those are never kept cold enough to not make your face squirm when they slither down. And they’re always vodka, and not terribly good vodka at that.

But some of the drink flavors featured in the article: B-52, pear martini, gin & tonic? Sign me up for those! I might just have a new project for the spring.

Right now I’m trying to head off the seasonal weight gain/storage, however. I’m having yet another “Day One” today, coffee and croissant for breakfast, small salad and yogurt smoothie for lunch and if I get my ass in gear when I get home, roast chicken with brown rice for dinner. Maybe I’ll go out shopping for some wine while its in the oven. I didn’t make any progress on TiVo or Netflix this weekend, and Heroes is tonight, so while dinner’s cooking, I need to try some cleaning. But I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed when the only comfortable spot in my apartment in between the windows on the couch where I can get a nice breeze going. I can’t pinpoint where to start, though the living room seems a good candidate. I keep falling into the trap of planning too much, then getting depressed when it doesn’t all get done, seeing it as a to-do list instead of a checklist and consoling myself with hours of MMO gaming. It might be time to get the computer timer out again to keep me honest about sticking to my chores.

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  1. shin says:

    Who needs sushi when you’ve got these! They look more appealing than the traditional jello shots. Plus, the flavors you mentioned sound good too.

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