sick, yet productive…

The real "After"

I did call out from work with tummy issues this morning. Whether those were due to food or to stress or something else, I can’t say, but I was fairly productive today. I know the kitchen needs a lot of work. I have a galley kitchen and it’s tight, I have a lot of kitchen gadgets as well as unnecessary kitchen items, so I took a lot of plastic bags for trash and attacked ½ the kitchen today when I was feeling better. Took some pictures of the results, I’m pleased with my progress but there’s still another side of the kitchen to take care of. Thankfully that side is occupied by the breadmaker, microwave and knife block, so there isn’t much free room, but it would be nice to have clean counter space for my … kitchen experiments. 😈

Thankfully I had my IM friends to keep me company throughout the day, and as a treat to myself and to celebrate finding my good martini glasses I went out to get cosmopolitan ingredients, so now I’m happily buzzed and just about ready for bed.

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  1. Chris says:

    I see what you mean about the glassware. But they are quite nice. *I’m* impressed … 😎

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