on the elevator this morning…

I’m really into my music and doing the remainder of the morning’s sudoku puzzle in my head and thinking about how much forehead sweat I’m probably showing due to the humidity and deciding that I really need to invest in some handkerchiefs when I notice an older guy on the elevator giving me more than average attention. My thought process was a bit like: Is he..? No. Wait, yeah, he is, he’s staring at me. Oh god he’s not cruising me on a crowded elevator, is he?

ipod_remote.jpg I realize that he is not, in fact, looking me up and down, but he’s looking specifically at my chest and my bag. I’ve gotten a little used to this in recent years as I have an iPod Radio Remote, and people have mistaken it for a shuffle or a nano before. These are people who’ve only heard the name and clearly had no access to the internet or sale circulars to see what they really looked like. So when I saw his lips moving, I assumed he was going to ask about the remote.

smartwrap.jpg I turned off my music and asked him if he say that again and he pointed instead at my Smartwrap, said that it was a pretty clever little device and asked where I got it. So I told him about Sumajin and that I bought it when it was just barely out of the concept stage and he could probably find them online because I couldn’t remember the exact website where I got it.

He got off a few floors before me and I figured that was the end of my elevator interestingness, but when I got to my floor there was another gentlemen on the car so eager to get out that as the car arrived at our floor, he was already sticking his fingers in-between the inner doors to get them to open up faster. It takes all kinds!

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2 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    Okay, how the hell you do Soduku in your head? I can barely do it with a pencil and a scratch pad!!

  2. Brian says:

    @Fredo: I do mine in pen. :-B Actually since I have a hard time writing and walking, I just figure where the numbers go and keep in my head to write them in at my desk. The Easy ones I can usually do before I get to the office. Medium and Hard take a little longer, by lunch or sometimes by my commute home. (or I just give up)

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