Nothing says you’re back…

… like waking up on time for work, having had the blinds closed since dark the previous evening, opening them up and seeing that it’s raining cups (as opposed to buckets) outside and that’s carrying with it all the legacies of living along a main road in the rain. Do drivers understand what rain is, honestly?

It was very relaxing to get away and even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to, I came into the office today feeling refreshed and ready to get to work/catch up on what’s happened while I was out. Not too intensely, mind you, but not totally hating it either. It was probably the extra holiday buffer tacked onto the weekend, gave me time to unpack and get settled. I was a total layabout on Saturday and Sunday, but yesterday I got some laundry in order, scrubbed the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, watched bits and pieces of The Closer marathon, played City of Heroes and made some bacon wrapped chicken thighs served over steamed jasmine rice. Oh and made some caipirinhas! I wasn’t eating anything particularly Brazilian, but those drinks were so good, my recipe:

    • 1 lime cut in ½, one of the halves cut into wedges, the other juiced
    • 2 tablespoons sugar (white sugar or raw sugar for a sweeter taste)
    • 2-3 oz cachaça (about a shot and a ½)

    Add the lime wedges and sugar in a highball glass and muddle together. Add the juice of the remaining ½ lime to help create lime sugar syrup. Add ice and cachaça and stir well to mix ingredients.

I had 2, with dinner, and no ill effects this morning — or maybe I’m just a lush. (Margaret Foster!!)

B’day is 8 days and counting. I’m doing ok with the impending date, though lately I just feel old. This morning I didn’t shave, just trimmed the beard line. No one’s mentioned anything about it but I figure after seeing me completely clean shaven week before last, they’ve stopped noticing anything new. Strangely I feel like the (not-yet-full) beard makes me look a bit younger and I can work with that!

The farmers market had Honeycrisp apples today, heaven! They have just the right amount of sweetness and crunch for me. When I was little and I got a soft apple, my mom knew I’d be tossing it out into the backyard to get eaten by the birds and squirrels. Maybe I associated soft with rotten, or everytime a Sesame Street muppet would “eat” an apple, they used a very crisp sound effect for it. Still I was a Granny Smith lover for a long while until I saw Honeycrisps a year or so ago at the market and fell in love with them. I wonder how they’d taste in a pie…

This entry seems a bit all over the place, but that’s where the brain is today, still playing catch up.

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