Not a good morning for Evil

I was never a Something Positive fan, never even heard of it. My friend told me that he was/is a character in the strip and I checked it out, but there was far too much backstory to go over and unlike other comics, it was too close to pseudo-biographical instead of just being fun and silly for the sake of it like Sluggy Freelance.

No fridging today!
It turns out that the artist does another lesser known (and updated) comic called Super Stupor. Per the site: It’s about heroes and villains in their everyday lives. Really, that’s it. And after a childhood spent reading comic books, some of the standard knowledge about supers really contributes to the funny. It’s something most comics don’t do well, except possibly a run of JLI, superheroes in a show about nothing. The debut strip sets the tone for a very irreverent run — safe for work, some language in speech bubbles.

In December he offered his take on the Women in Refrigerators Syndrome which is basically when the death of a female character is used as a plot device in a male character’s book, the phrase stemming from an issue of Green Lantern. Of course in the strip, things didn’t go as planned with humorous results. In today’s strip it was revisited and it gave me a chuckle.

I love it since it pokes fun at the Superhero’s Lament, “I can’t have a life or share that life with anyone because if my enemies ever found out, yadda yadda yadda.” Invariably in the long-standing books, Superman or Spider-Man, when the girlfriend/wife is confronted with a situation they manage to escape using their own skills and wits.

I dressed up today, no real reason for it, but I imagine it might instill a little fear into a co-worker or two. I might leave a little early or take a long lunch just for fun. And I miss wearing vests, I can still wear vests right? That’s not too Duckie, is it?

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  1. BitterCupOJoe says:

    Huh, small world. One of my friends is the basis for Aubrey in the strip.

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