“This place has been my life”

After 40 years, the Childe Harold shut down Saturday for the last time. The owner made no announcement, saying he was too grief-stricken over losing something that has been in his blood since he was a teenager washing dishes in the kitchen and, later, broiling steaks for Springsteen between sets.

Childe Harold has only been a part of my life for the past 10 years, just about the entirety of my life in DC. I’ve been there with nearly every friend, every date, every boyfriend, every visitor. I’ve suggested it to people for a nice easygoing yet not completely laid back place to eat. Shawn and I started going there for a prime rib before heading out for drinks and dancing, I mean hell what better to soak up the eventual booze you’ll be packing away and it always precluded the need to go out afterwards for greasy food.

It’s even harder to swallow the fact that it was yet another real estate problem. This city is moving towards some kind of strange cultural implosion. We force out the people that have been here forever, the businesses that know you like family, and for what? It just isn’t worth the cost.

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  1. steve says:

    I hear you. Went in there first time in 82. It was home. Went there on a first date with my wife. Watched games, enjoyed friends, drinks, food for decades. Horrible loss.

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