Ladies and Gentlemen, my brother’s alma mater…

For many students college life may be a safe haven to experience homosexual desires. Within the confines of Howard University, students are concerned with the high number of bisexual and/or gay men and women.

Due to mixed feelings and fast spreading rumors, students are paranoid about the notion of homosexual relations taking place at Howard University.

No one needs to tell me that as a whole, the black community is needlessly homophobic. But I more or less tried to hold out hope for the next generation, so it comes as quite a shock that not only would a student write and submit this “article” but that The Hilltop would print it.

Since I haven’t consumed my morning coffee yet, thankfully there are others out there on the ‘net already ripping this thing to shreds. Chris Crain points out that the quoted psychologist was expelled from the APA over 2 decades ago. And the general consensus over on Queerty, including a comment from a HU alum and former Hilltop staffer, is that this is utter BS.

I won’t deny that I’m sure very many blacks and, by extension, black college students feel that way, but give me a break. This article uses, possibly out of context, quotes from students (one a psychology major, that’s got to be a valid source!), a discredited psychologist and the best of all, closing with an excerpt from an internet advice columnist. Man that is some journalism!

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  1. Chris says:

    A college journalist tries to make drama where there is none … wait, I need a moment to recover …

    Yeah, I do have to wonder about the quality of the journalism schools that are churning out graduates who print articles like this piece of garbage and the one I wrote about in January. Clearly the CNN/Faux News style of sensationalist is winning out over any lessons in journalistic ‘integrity.’

    On the other hand, college is a place to experiment with various lifestyles and things like, oh, say, the kind of uber-conservatism where you just ignore blind facts and state things with certainty because they simply must be true … 🙄

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