Metro freshness

I admit that I am not overly diligent about my dental care. I brush at least twice daily, I don’t always floss and after any night of strong meals or drinks I try to have a mint or gum on hand. This morning on my train to work there was someone who, to borrow a line from man stroke woman, “smelled like their teeth had each taken a shit and then died.”

It was so powerful that I assumed at first it was mechanical, as some stations smell a little burned from time to time. Metro tells us it’s new brakes on the train cars. This was definitely emanating from a human being, worse that I couldn’t identify whom, but other riders clearly smelled it too and were trying to mill about and make their way away from the source. Thankfully the train wasn’t too packed and whoever it was exited at the first junction station, but man that was not the way I wanted to greet Monday.

My hand’s still a bit sore from a bowling excursion yesterday but my scores were 154 & 161, not too bad for I think over a year since having bowled. Still, I clearly don’t have the stamina I had in league anymore as I was worn out after 2 games. It was a lot of fun to get out there, but it’s hard to make a habit of it since there really aren’t any proper bowling alleys in the district and the closest ones keep closing down. When I think about joining a league again, I just hate the thought of schlepping the ball with me during the day and not getting home til late in the middle of the week.

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  1. Gregory says:

    Ah, the joys of mass transit.

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