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I’ve only kinda been keeping up with the Scrabulous drama because it is, not even kinda, a copy of Scrabble. I think Hasbro would be better off just making them an offer and letting the internet masses keep the game they clearly love. But the news of its possible demise has encouraged a lot of blog posts and petitions. The troupe over at Tastes Like TV have created a great spoof song of Fergie’s “Glamorous” with accompanying video. I think it really hits on what people love about the game… and when most of them play it. 🙂

I had a nice brunch with Moose and — oh so resisting the urge to say Squirrel — Brent today at Asylum in Adams Morgan and I realize how much I miss having Sunday Brunch. I used to do it every week, but things happen and people get busy and more often people don’t go out the night before and therefore need brunch. Mostly I just go out on my own to a place down the street and have breakfast. Justin says it’s breakfast because it happens way too early to be brunch. Still, I need to find people with the right open schedules and get together for a weekly bite… over mimosas!

Otherwise today’s been more HD prep. I called RCN to ask for the HD DVR cable box. I’d love to stay with TiVo but when I bought mine in ’05 I got a “lifetime” service plan. Somehow they have a different definition of lifetime because I can’t buy a new HD-capable TiVo unit and transfer my service plan to it. And the regular unit can’t process HD signals. The operator on the phone was stumped when faced with this obvious dilemma. Periodically they offer upgrade programs for their customers to transfer lifetime service, but even that’s usually a $200 charge. It just doesn’t seem fair, so for now I’ll use RCN’s box. From what I’ve read online, I’m not going to be 100% happy with it, but it’s a solution for now. TiVo is very slippery about giving non-scripted support. They don’t offer e-mail support, so I may need to just write them a letter and ask what the deal is.

It’s very disappointing to get the shaft for being an earlier adopter. However I’m an Apple product owner, so I’m kinda used to it. 😉

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4 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    You miss Sunday brunch?! I haven’t had a Sunday to brunch in ages.

    Or – at the very least – it seems that way.

  2. supervenusfreak says:

    Great. Mattel drops the ball and we the faithful pay for it. By far, it is the best free site for Scrabble that I have found. http://www.isc.ro is good, but with scrabulous, I can play just about anywhere for free.

  3. Gregory says:

    As a fellow Tivo “Lifetimer”, I understood it to mean Lifetime of the unit, not OUR lifetime. :p

  4. Brian says:

    Fredo: We’ll have to share calendars, then.

    Gregory: I’m well aware of that, however when I check my account online they don’t say anything about it being lifetime of the unit and it’s very hard to access any information that would “always be online for easy access” when I signed up 3 years ago. And as they’ve offered upgrade programs before, why not just hold the option in reserve for people to do it on request?

    The operator said that there were offers made to upgrade when the HD units first appeared and I countered with “Well I didn’t have HD programming then, and the unit is useless to me now.” — She didn’t have an answer for that. I was hoping that they’d have some manner of “customer satisfaction” offer to allow me to upgrade out of their regular offer cycle. No matter as I’m sure it’ll come around again. In the meantime it’ll be less a month for the integrated DVR from RCN than a regular Tivo subscription.

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