Please Be Quiet Now

Hm, I think Rat really needs to hook up with John Hodgman, author of the book “Are You On TV? (No?) Then Shut Up.”, for spin-off merchandising ideas. The idea behind that book and this strip go hand in hand.

Could be the solution to ending useless pub fights over meaningless facts forever. Bring along a friend, looks a bit nerdy or John Hodgman-like… bonus points if you are friends with John Hodgman and it’s really him, and have them whip out this card. Then they can make up whatever answer they like. This could work!

I have the day off, giving myself a 4-day weekend. No real plans for anything. Some cleaning perhaps, definitely more tv watching, shopping might be nice. Since my dvd player can read divx files, I archived some videos to data dvds and watch them on the big screen. More HD space is always a good thing! I think I should find a good portable USB drive though and use that for a pseudo media server. It’s Presidents Day weekend, some tech store should be having a sale, right?

And here’s a Daily Show video with John Hodgman because he cracks me up.

Dream Big!

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  1. Ben says:

    I knew the punchline was coming, it was fairly obvious, yet I still laughed like I’d just seen Pauline Hanson hit in the face by a beer can. Thanks!

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