Nerd, thy name is…

There’s really just no denying it when I see a thumbnail ad for this Facebook Marketplace item and read it as “2 Marching Black and White Daleks

The obvious flaw that Daleks don’t march is completely irrelevant…

Also, I watched the HD trailer for Forbidden Kingdom. Uh, wow. Jet Li & Jackie Chan with fight choreography by Wo Ping. Wow. Wow. Wow.

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  1. Chris says:

    Marching Daleks? I mean, matching Daleks makes so much more sense. They all match. They’re like the designer accessory — one Dalek fits all. (Eddy would be so horrified — “it must be the only genuine LaCroix-Versace quilty Dalek in existence.”)

    *Austrian accent.
    “Vell, vi must dig into your subconscious and see vat this all means …”

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