Over the weekend I subjected myself to a lot of television. My brother called me up on Sunday and said that I had to watch NASCAR of all things. His reason was that I should watch it in HD because that might be the only thing that would redeem the sport and possibly make me a gearhead. I told him that I could just watch Top Gear if that’s what I really wanted. Still, it did look cool when the race started, but honestly FOX has added so much fluff to it all. Too many cameras, too much information! I don’t think I need to know an individual drivers’ RPM at any given moment, nor do I need to be able to hear them radio in and and I certainly don’t need the view of their bumper cameras!

I did end up watching some other HD channels and it was interesting to see who is creating widescreen HD commercials and how there’s no really consistent industry doing so. The Old Navy commercial looked great, and the commercial teaser for Vantage Point really makes me want to see the film. One in particular did crack me up though, he may be a colossal tool, but there really is only one word to describe this commercial for Verizon FiOS

Otherwise I’d like to exchange this Tuesday please, it fits me like a Monday and I think that it’s already been worn once and brought back. Could I get store credit, perhaps?

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