Chocolate anyone?

Anytime I take a holiday or the weekend comes, I fall behind on all of my rss feeds aside from ones from people I know, so this was completely off my radar. I imagine it was a Valentine’s Day thing however they seem to still have them in stock, no wonder why. I’m not a choc-a-holic at all, I know a few of them but this got to me based on the sheer decadence of the item.

Burlwood Chocolate Vault

Burlwood Chocolate Vault

Enhance the pleasing ritual of tasting and sharing chocolate. Hand-crafted exclusively for RICHART and exquisitely designed to display it’s gourmet content, the vault presents 7 drawers of chocolate complete with temperature and humidity gauges.

US $ 825.00

Basically, a chocolate humidor (that comes with 112 truffles/bites) but still… chocolate humidor. This is the kind of thing I only expect to have pitched at me when I’m in a pressurized cabin traveling at an altitude above 10,000 feet!

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