Maybe God IS tryin’ to tell me something

I was so good last night, popped a tv show on the PC and went to bed at a decent hour. And I had the oddest dream, well part of it was odd and part of it was more like “Yoo hoo, McFly?”

It started out with me being backstage prepping for a concert, but I had no idea who the performer was. It was completely drama-free, everything goes off without a hitch except that the crowds were not really pouring in. Come to find out after I’m done and seated in the audience that it was Natalie Merchant. I like her but I’m not overwhelmed by her, so maybe the lack of crowds isn’t so odd, but I have no idea what our venue was. It looked about the size of your average high-school cafeteria plus stage except much better decorated. It was a good show and I remember taking her picture afterwards but not checking my camera to see how it came out.

Then there was that odd transition-less transition to somewhere else and I found myself stepping out of my car about to head into an office building. It should be noted that my car was clearly an expensive one, however the lot was full of expensive cars and even a limo, so perhaps it had become the standard. The way this all pieces together is kinda odd. I got to the front desk and was trying to inquire about whether or not they’d sent me an offer letter without actually asking. Maybe not to seem too eager? So I told them that I wanted to be sure they had my correct address for the background check, etc. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the offer letter on one of the admins’ desks, freshly signed, so I stalled the person I was speaking to until I saw it put into an envelope and made ready for sending.

As I turned around, my friend Michael was in ze lobby filling out a job application for the place, I think. He had riding leathers on, a bit more modern style, but definitely leather, so he clearly had a motorcycle out in the parking lot… one would think. This gave me a reason to sit down and chat for a bit. We definitely spoke about a college football game that was coming up over the holiday weekend. (a clear sign that this was a dream) While we were talking, a UPS deliveryman showed up to collect the packages which included my offer letter. As he was walking out, he saw me, looked down at the name and handed it to me. He was the same UPS guy from my office, so I shouldn’t be surprised that he recognized me, but it was a bit weird considering the label had my home address on it.

I finished chatting with Michael and headed back to my car. Not long after that my alarm went off and I started my snooze cycle. I never even opened the letter to see what it said. 😛 Still, I don’t think I need the Big Book of Dreams to know there’s some kind of message there.

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